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Ceòl Cholasa is usually held the third weekend of September each year, and for 2016 the dates will be 15th to 18th September. 

15th to 18th September 2016 will see Colonsay celebrating its 9th Music Festival. Over the past 8 years, thanks to the hard work of the Islanders and the  generosity of the artists Colonsay has consistently managed to attract Scotland’s finest musicians to the smallest (and we think best) festival in the land. It’s a tribute to Colonsay’s charm that busy musicians are willing to take a weekend out of their touring schedules to come and make music with us.

And they do: on stage, in the pub, at impromptu parties and who knows what goes on behind closed doors!
The charm of our festival is that we get the chance to mingle with the musicians and they get a chance to step back from their busy schedules and very definitely mix business and pleasure.
Why not join us?

Check out the latest information for Ceòl Cholasa 2016 here!
For a flavour of Ceòl Cholasa have a look at this short film by Rachel Hendry.

Tickets will soon become available online or by contacting us directly.
Details of accommodation can be found here.

Please visit the Ceòl Cholasa website for further information and updates on the lineup... being updated but it gives you the idea!