Posted on 01-Jan-2014 03:09

Colonsay and Oransay win environmental award 

Colonsay and Oransay are the first Hebridean islands to be clear of litter.  In 2013 all paths, roads, lochsides and all 50 miles of coastline were rendered pristine.  We collected over 1300 bags of rubbish and the same volume in larger, unbaggable material. Our efforts were redoubled in 2014, when about 500 bags of marine litter were removed from the environment, protecting birds and wildlife.  By 2015 we were on top of the task, and the level had settled at about 250 bags of new seaborne rubbish per year.  Join us please if you visit Colonsay in 2016, visitors are invited to help and details are posted locally.  It is easy now, and very rewarding.  In the words of the song, Colonsay Isle is The Gem of the Sea.