Village Hall

The Village Hall was built to mark the Millenium and has excellent facilities. It can readily seat a wedding reception for up to 100 persons, and can cope with up to 250 persons at a ceilidh. It can be used for films, plays, exhibitions, meetings and can be hired for commercial use such as sales etc. The "Upper Room" is used primarily by the Arts and Crafts group.  The Village Hall is enhanced by the Community Garden, created from scratch and maintained by local volunteers. For more information please visit the Village Hall website


The Primary School is at Kilchattan and has four pupils. The school is staffed and equipped to a very high standard and has an excellent reputation. Older children attend Oban High School and return at weekends. Until recently they were unable to get home at weekends in winter, but since October 2007 they benefit from a dedicated air-service.

Medical Practice

There is a full-time resident doctor and dispensing surgery, together with nursing and homecare provision to reflect local needs.

H.M. Coastguard

The volunteer coastguard unit is based at Scalasaig and undergoes regular training. The coastguards have a wide range of equipment and can quickly call upon outside assistance if required. Members are on 24 hour standby. The nearest RNLI lifeboat is at Port Askaig and H. M. Coastguard have their own powerful RIB, normally based at Oban.


Strathclyde police at Oban maintain an independent communications system on the island. The police operate a helicopter and boats, can also call upon the RNLI lifeboat.

Fire Service

There is a modern fire-station and fire engine at Scalasaig, and the volunteers can be alerted by means of a sophisticated call-out system. Volunteers are trained in the use of Breathing Apparatus and in specialised techniques outwith the demands of normal fire-fighting.

Water supply

There is an excellent water supply from natural sources, with state-of-the-art quality control achieved by 24 hour monitoring and treatment, supervised by a local representative.


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