Colonsay Community Development Company, or CCDC, was formed in 2000 and is committed to the continued development of the island through, among other things:

  • Relieving poverty
  • Advancing education
  • Providing or assisting in provision of housing
  • Promoting trade and industry
  • Promoting a sustainable community

The company operates through a group of directors democratically elected by members. The current Directors are:

Andrew Abrahams

Liam McNeill

Caitlin McNeill

William Joll

Sue Dance

Dannie Onn

Callum Hay


Meetings are normally held on the last Thursday of each month in the Servicepoint and the agenda will be posted the Thursday Prior. Minutes of each meeting can be found for download at the bottom of this page. These are made available once they have been approved at the following meeting.

CCDC manages the service point on behalf of Argyll and Bute Council under a service level agreement.  HIE have provided funding for 2018/19 towards additional costs of employing a project development officer to deliver the company's busines strategy.  Carrie Seymour and Ros Jewell have been appointed as a job share. 

The CCDC is currently involved in a number of exciting projects on the island. Further information on each can be found below. It is important to note that delivery of these projects is supported by Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

Scalasaig Community Housing and Business Unit Development

Colonsay Community Development Company (CCDC) is delighted to be able to announce that following the awards from the Scottish Land Fund, Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) and Mowi we have been able to complete the land purchase in Scalasaig. 

This has been many years in the making and many people from our community have contributed both time and effort to work to secure the land that we have so desperately needed for so long. It is fantastic to be able to have got to this point and we would like to thank all that have been involved over the years.

It is also great to have the support of many people outside of our local community who recognise the difficulties that Colonsay faces and it has been critical to our success to have the expertise of the Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust at our side providing guidance and advice throughout. We also thank our solicitor Calum MacLeod from Harper MacLeod for taking us through the conveyancing process and generously discounting his rates and time spent.

We especially need to thank Highlands & Islands Enterprise for their continued support over the years and financial contribution and to the Scottish Land Fund for agreeing to fund a substantial part of the purchase price.

Helen Bain, senior development manager at HIE, said: “This is fantastic news. Ownership of the land will enable much-needed affordable homes to be built, which is vital for the sustainability of Colonsay and will benefit the wider community.”

John Watt, Scottish Land Fund Chair, said: “The Scottish Land Fund awarded Colonsay Community Development Company £390,000 to purchase land on which to build much-needed affordable homes and business units. We knew then that this was a community filled with passion and pride intent on sustaining and protecting their island for local people and generations to come. So, it’s fantastic to hear that their hard work has come to fruition and that this land is now in the hands of the local community.”

Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust “We congratulate CCDC on the successful purchase of much needed land within Scalasaig village, for the construction of community owned housing and additional business units.The patience, dedication and hard work of the community is to be celebrated as the they look forward to delivering a range of housing options and new business units, that will strengthen the community for years to come.We strongly support communities taking control of their futures and working to provide the necessary accommodation to meet their needs and look forward to continuing working with CCDC on the development of the houses and business units.”

Design & Build contractor appointed

Following a detailed tendering exercise, TSL have been selected as the preferred contractor. Initial meetings have been held, however, due to the COVID-19 lockdown, work has had to slow down significantly as TSL staff have currently been furloughed. An impact of this is that they have not yet been able to produce full costings for this project. This has a knock-on effect on applying for development funding as applications cannot be made until the full cost of the project is known.

Work is continuing on the design of the housing and business units and we will be presenting the design and layout ideas to the community in the next few weeks.

We are planning to build 1 x 3 bedroom and 3 x 2 bedroom for affordable rent, 1 x 2 bedroom and 1 x 3 bedroom Low Cost Ownership, as well as offering 3 serviced, low-cost plots for self-build opportunities. There will also be 2 x business units, possibly one for workshop and one for studio space. Storage space will also be considered.

We are asking that you complete an Expression of Interest form if you would like to register your interest in any of the housing or business units options or both. Click on the link https://ccdc.wufoo.com/forms/z16w4zqv1aw9kxn/ to complete an online form.


Last updated May 2020


The community of Colonsay will soon have it’s own food waste recycling facility. A Ridan composter will be located at the Argyll and Bute Council depot on the Machrins road, where raw and cooked food waste will be recycled along with garden waste, to produce garden compost. This project has been funded by the Marine Harvest Common Good Fund and Islay Energy Trust. A committee of volunteers has taken ownership of this project.  They will arrange collection caddies for those who want to take part and pick-up on a regular basis. This will go a long way to reduce the carbon foot print of Colonsay’s visitors, residents and businesses by diverting food waste from landfill.  This will be particularly important when landfill sites for such waste will be closed in 2021.  CCDC plans to continue with recycling and other waste reduction initiatives in collaboration with Argyll and Bute Council. 

Last updated January 2019

Play Park

Colonsay Community Play Park opened it's gates on the 21st July this year after three years of consultations, planning and fundraising. The equipment and installation of the park were made possible with awards donated by The Big Lottery and The Robertson Trust. The park is now cared for by a committee of local volunteers. The park, located directly below the community garden and the village hall, has been in almost constant use since the opening, proving popular with locals and visitors alike.

Last updated August 2018

Land Purchase/Housing Development

The Local Development Officer survey of 2011 found that housing was the most important issue to address for the CCDC and this has been confirmed by community consultation in 2017. With staff funding and additional support from HIE, the directors are pursuing all possible avenues to secure sufficient land to meet the housing needs of the community.  Colonsay Estate is willing to sell land to the community for social housing and negotiations are underway; resolution of the access difficulties with the permitted scheme for 5 houses at Lower kilchattan are being pursued; and purchase of available and suitable sites on the island are being investigated. 

Afforadble housing and job oppurtunities are key to halting the loss of young people and to attracting new residents. It is widely believed that you cannot have one without the other, so establishing affordable accommodation will encourage further employment on the island.  At the same time, CCDC will be seeking to develop land and buildings for employment opportunities. 

Last updated November 2018


Colonsay Winter Arts Mosaic Project 2016/17 & 2017/18

Colonsay Community Winter Arts Project Mosaic

The aim of the project was to bring the Colonsay & Oransay community, particularly those most vulnerable to isolation, together over the quiet and long winter months to celebrate the islands’ heritage. A local artist was employed to develop and facilitate the project in the form of four mosaic boards, each depicting one of the following aspects of our heritage: flora & fauna, people & places, marine & coastal landscape and religion & spirituality.

The project has been a great success with our youngest participant being 6 & our oldest 75. Everyone contributed with their own ideas for the mural & the artist realized the final design. A big thank you to everyone who has donated tiles, crockery, time, energy, enthusiasm & cakes- much appreciated.

Generous grants of £1,000 from both the NHS Health & Wellbeing Fund and Calmac allowed this project to happen and provided a space for our most isolated locals to share skills, conversation (and some delicious baking) while celebrating shared heritage and beautiful surroundings. We were incredibly grateful to receive a further anonymous donation of £250 which allowed the Project Worker to run a few extra sessions and spend some time out with the workshops touching up and grouting the boards.

Colonsay Community Winter Arts Project Mosaic


Colonsay Community Winter Arts Project Mosaic









Aesthetically, the mosaics are a great success and definitely brighten up the Village Hall and add further to the vision of Scalasaig as a dynamic hub that welcomes visitors and locals alike.

Colonsay Community Winter Arts Project Mosaic

Last updated October 2018

Colonsay Trading Company

The Colonsay Trading Company is the trading arm of the CCDC. It is responsible for the provision of petrol, DERV, coal and gas on the island. These services are provided on a not-for-profit basis, with any revenue generated being spent on the upkeep of the community petrol/DERV pump and of the Coal Righ, where the coal and gas are stored.

Last updated November 2013

Community Website

This very website is owned and operated by the CCDC. In 2017 it was decided that a thourogh overhaul of the community site was required. In 2018, with some financial help from HIE, the new site was launched. Some areas of the site still require attention but the work is ongoing. Further improvements are planned to help keep the site up to date and as user friendly as possible.

Last updated August 2018

Croft Project

The croft project has it's very own page! Why not take a look?


Old Baptist Manse Announcement

CCDC are pleased to be able to provide short term accommodation to a local family who need to bridge the gap between two tenancies. One of CCDC's main aims is to provide or assist in the provision of housing and we are delighted that bringing this asset into community ownership has allowed us to fulfill this aim. 

In allocating residential use of the Old Manse, Colonsay Community Development Company adopts the policy of giving priority to those in need as a result of the housing shortage on the island; individuals who have made a commitment to making Colonsay their home.  Consideration is given to the resources available to that family or individual, the urgency of their need, and assesses all details on a case by case basis.  

CCDC intends to use this community asset later in the year in support of TSL Contractors Ltd throughout the Scalasaig affordable housing development, and to use the time concurrently to consult the community again with longer-term plans in mind. It is intended that work at the Old Manse itself will be undertaken by TSL during their time there, and this will enhance future possibilities for its use.