Update 6th April 2019


Crofting Opportunity on Colonsay


Colonsay Community Development Company own 5 crofts on Colonsay. Recently one of these, Croft 2, Lower Kilchattan has become available for rent again. We are looking for people who are self-motivated, hardworking and resilient to take on the tenancy. 

Baile Iochdrach, Croft 2. Ariel viewIt is a small croft of just 1.61 hectares and bare land which means that there is no house or accommodation on the croft or associated with it. You would therefore have to have/provide your own home on Colonsay.


If you are interested in applying, please contact the CCDC for an application form by emailing  contactccdc1@gmail.com or call 01951 200 244.


Closing dates for applications is 26th April 2019.


Update March 2017

We are happy to say that, currently, all crofts are tenanted. Although there are no community crofts available at present, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call to register interest or to request further information. We can then keep you updated and contact you should a croft become available.

Tel: 01951 200244  or email: contactccdc1@gmail.com

Update March 2013

Having finally thought we had tenants for all 5 crofts, one has decided to leave. This means of course that an opportunity has opened up for some other enterprising person. Progress on the crofts has been slow with a number of legislative difficulties having had to be addressed but hopefully a successful applicant will benefit from what has been achieved to date.

Colonsay Croft Project - Update 2.2.2012

All the crofts have now been offered, with four young families moving to the Island and one local family gaining a tenancy and the security that affords.

It has been a very difficult process happening as it did during the worst economic downturn for many years but it is hoped that the new Islanders can look forward to an exciting few years as they build their houses and settle into Island life.

The challenges facing them are significant with living expenses and freight much higher than that on the mainland; quality of live however is also much higher than that on the mainland!

I would like to thank all the families who have shown an interest in the project, it must number hundreds, and hope they have found some way to realise their dreams.

Donald MacNeill.


The Colonsay Croft Project

The community of Colonsay, with the aid of the Scottish Land Fund, has purchased an area of land with the intention of creating 5 bareland crofts ("bareland" = no house). The tenant of each of these crofts will rent an area of land which has outline planning permission for the construction of a dwelling house. As a crofting tenant he/she will be eligible for grant aid for help with the costs of construction and infrastructure. Information about crofting can be obtained by following the link to the Crofter's Commission www. crofterscommission .org.uk/

Applicants will be required to sign a "letter of comfort" agreeing not to sell the house on the open market, but as part of the croft..

DON'T BE PUT OFF, read on...

Recent legislation has broadened the definition of crofting away from traditional agriculture to include any viable business venture.

Potential projects might be eligible for grant aid for the construction of buildings, start up costs etc.

Who do we want?

We want resourceful, independent well-motivated people. You will be expected to submit a business plan, and a transparent allocation policy will be applied to select applicants. We would like families but rule out no one. New businesses may be eligible for assistance from Argyll and Islands Enterprise www.hie.co.uk


Colonsay Moorings Development

A Marine License Application for the 10 moorings due to go into Queen’s Bay was submitted to the Crown Estate in March. CCDC also submitted an application to Marine Scotland in late April. Both these applications have had a considerable amount of input from MOWI who are one of our key match-funders for this development. We hope to hear if our applications are successful in the next six to eight weeks. MOWI would like to see the moorings installed as soon as possible, but as you would expect, COVID-19 has impacted many of the administrative and physical processes required to see the 2 tonne anchor blocks put in place. Similarly, the Path Development has been delayed due to an inability to source materials. Our funder, Paths for All, are understanding of the situation and are willing to work with us on this. Colonsay Estate has agreed in principle to the path up to the church and we are working through the details with them.  
In the meantime, CCDC have been corresponding with other marine establishments, and are working on a management plan which incorporates an online booking system for the moorings.  
If anyone has any thoughts or questions about the moorings. Please contact Roz Jewell: rjewellccdc.ldo@gmail.com