Tailor-made Boat Trips

Cameron & Struan Smith operate Coastal Connection with fast charter boats operating all year round... if you have something special in mind, give them a call on 01631 565833 or 07919 615210

BYOB - Bring Your Own Boat

Many visitors bring a boat of their own. Certain holiday homes lend themselves to the purpose and it is possible to launch dinghies at The Strand, at Machrins and at Port Mor - but do remember that these are Atlantic waters and not to be under-estimated.

The harbour facilities are very limited and are subject to a fee, payable at the Pier Office (about £10.00 per four days or £31.50 per month to use the harbour). It is possible to launch quite easily at the main slipway, and to launch or recover using the more sheltered one within the harbour (£4.00 to cover both launch and recovery).

Facilities for visiting yachts are largely restricted to the close-boarding along the northwest section of the main pier - for which there is a charge (about £10.00 per four days up to 10m, about £15.00 over 10m). The slipway and harbour are entirely tidal and not normally a convenient option. For further information, please contact the harbour-master.

Old Baptist Manse Announcement

CCDC are pleased to be able to provide short term accommodation to a local family who need to bridge the gap between two tenancies. One of CCDC's main aims is to provide or assist in the provision of housing and we are delighted that bringing this asset into community ownership has allowed us to fulfill this aim. 

In allocating residential use of the Old Manse, Colonsay Community Development Company adopts the policy of giving priority to those in need as a result of the housing shortage on the island; individuals who have made a commitment to making Colonsay their home.  Consideration is given to the resources available to that family or individual, the urgency of their need, and assesses all details on a case by case basis.  

CCDC intends to use this community asset later in the year in support of TSL Contractors Ltd throughout the Scalasaig affordable housing development, and to use the time concurrently to consult the community again with longer-term plans in mind. It is intended that work at the Old Manse itself will be undertaken by TSL during their time there, and this will enhance future possibilities for its use.