Colonsay Fly-fishing Association

The lochs are managed with a view to conserving the native brown trout. There are no rainbows and no imported fish - the native stock are a distinct strain, the descendants of the fish that were introduced by the monastic community of Kiloran Abbey. Fishing is available in all the lochs and the season runs from March 17 to September 30. There are very few restrictions, but adult visitors are asked to confine themselves to fly-fishing only. Up to four good-sized fish per day may be kept for the table, all others to be returned. There are no restrictions upon island residents or their bona fide private guests, but all others are requested to join the Association (either at the Hotel, or at the Office of Colonsay Estate). Members will receive access to the fishing log, and will also be able to use the boats provided. Please note that it is a condition of use that lifejackets are worn and that children are properly supervised.


Unless you have access to a boat, you will be restricted to rock-fishing with a rod, or line fishing from the pier or slip. Rock-fishing is not a local speciality, but we have noticed visitors fishing from the lighthouse point at Scalasaig and imagine that any such promontory with a reasonable depth of water and strong current might be suitable. If you choose to fish from the pier or slipway, do ensure that children are properly supervised - and please shut the gate which gives access to the pier, to discourage children from wandering down there alone. They say that high tide is best, and when it is not too sunny. Handlines can be purchased at the shop - if you use proper darrows, you will not need bait.

Scalasaig Land Purchase Milestone Reached

Colonsay Community Development Company (CCDC) is delighted to announce that the purchase of two sites in Scalasaig from Colonsay Estate is complete and CCDC now own the land to provide new housing and business space.
This has been many years in the making and many people from our community have contributed both time and effort to work to secure the land that we have so desperately needed for so long. It is fantastic to be able to have got to this point and we would like to thank all that have been involved. 
The land is to provide affordable housing and business space, we are planning to build 1 x 3 bedroom and 3 x 2 bedroom for affordable rent, 1 x 2 bedroom and 1 x 3 bedroom Low Cost Ownership, as well as offering 3 serviced, low-cost plots for self-build opportunities. There will also be 2 x business units, possibly one for workshop and one for shared studio space.
We are asking that you complete an Expression of Interest form if you would like to register your interest in any of the housing or business units options or both. Click on the link to complete an online form.
Please go to the Colonsay Community Development Company page for further details:
Scalasaig housing development site