Flying Visits

In addition to our excellent ferry service Colonsay has a splendid air-service operated by Hebridean Air Services, so there is plenty of scope for frequent and "impulse" visits to the island. It is quite possible to "mix-and-match" - perhaps fly out to Colonsay on Thursday afternoon, and return by ferry a few days later; or in fact choose almost any combination of days (just as long as you do not try to include Saturday as a day of travel). And of course we have a magnificent 500 metre tarmac runway, so private pilots are welcome (PPO).

Ideas for a short visit:

Hebridean Air Services:
Perhaps book bicycles from Archie MacConnell (Tel. 01951 200355)


Colonsay Moorings Development

A Marine License Application for the 10 moorings due to go into Queen’s Bay was submitted to the Crown Estate in March. CCDC also submitted an application to Marine Scotland in late April. Both these applications have had a considerable amount of input from MOWI who are one of our key match-funders for this development. We hope to hear if our applications are successful in the next six to eight weeks. MOWI would like to see the moorings installed as soon as possible, but as you would expect, COVID-19 has impacted many of the administrative and physical processes required to see the 2 tonne anchor blocks put in place. Similarly, the Path Development has been delayed due to an inability to source materials. Our funder, Paths for All, are understanding of the situation and are willing to work with us on this. Colonsay Estate has agreed in principle to the path up to the church and we are working through the details with them.  
In the meantime, CCDC have been corresponding with other marine establishments, and are working on a management plan which incorporates an online booking system for the moorings.  
If anyone has any thoughts or questions about the moorings. Please contact Roz Jewell: