A "MacPhie" is defined as an eminence in excess of 300ft in height, and is Colonsay's equivalent to a Munro, only smaller. The aim is to climb all the peaks on Colonsay and Oransay that exceed 300ft (91.46m), in the course of one connected walk. The journey has to start and finish with any point below High Water mark, and the "MacPhies" can be tackled in any order. There are 22 peaks in the Official List, and the distance is about 20 miles.

Although there is no competitive element in terms of speed, details of your favoured route and time may be of interest to other people. For example, Eric Brown took 6hrs 44mins on 11 July 1996 (Route:4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,3,2,1).

More recently, on May 2 2002, Jethro Lennox managed the remarkable time of 3 hours 56 minutes and 44 seconds, having started at the Strand and finishing at Kiloran Bay.

Each MacPhie is listed below but a handy pdf with a map of each one is available for download.

(Location, Height and O.S. Reference)

  • Beinn Orasa 93m 351893
  • Beinn Eibhne 98m 378904
  • Cnoc an t-Samhlaidh 93m 383926
  • Cnoc a' Raon a'Bhuilg 120m 372942
  • Beinn nan Caorach 126m 366941
  • Carn Mor 134m 373947
  • Binnean Riabhach 117m 364964
  • Cnoc Mull-araich 100m 370965
  • A' Bheinn Bhreach 139m 375972
  • A' Bheinn a Tuath 120m 381971
  • Beinn Uragaig 120m 385976
  • Beinn a' Sgoltaire 125m 392975
  • A' Bheinn Bheag 109m 406986
  • Carn an Eoin 143m 409985
  • A' Bheinn Bhreac 122m 414287
  • A' Mhaol Bhuidhe 100m 417983
  • Cnoc Mor Charraig nan Darach 92m 413973
  • Dun Dubh, a' Phairc Gharbh 104m 407972
  • Beinn nam Fitheach 105m 407967
  • Carn nan Caorach 110m 392948
  • Beinn nan Gudairean 136m 388950
  • Carn na Cainnle 116m 381945


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Scottish Land Fund Award

Colonsay Community Development Company (CCDC) is excited to be able to announce that they have been awarded £395,000 by the Scottish Land Fund towards the cost of land purchase in Scalasaig. This is for the development of much needed new community-led housing and business space. A substantial award from Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) also helped towards the total sum required.
We owe a lot of thanks to The Highlands Small Community Housing Trust, HIE and MOWI for their help and support in getting us to this point. We would also like to acknowledge Colonsay Estate's commitment to our project.
Please go to the Colonsay Community Development Company page for further details: https://colonsay.org.uk/our-community/community-development-company
Kilchattan Primary Search for New Head Teacher

The 7 pupils of Kilchattan Primary are on the hunt for a new Head Teacher. A social media campaign is now underway titled "Hebridean Headteacher Wanted." The story has also been featured in the national media,

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